Ambassador Stories

Get to know some of our Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF ambassadors from across the country! Each have worked diligently to raise much-needed funds and awareness for type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. 

Meet Ruby Image

Meet Ruby

“The walk is important to me because I get to have fun with a bunch of other people with diabetes! It’s awesome that we all get to come together and get closer to finding a cure!”

Meet Jayden Image

Meet Jayden

“I was so young when I was diagnosed with T1D, at 5 years old. Growing up with this challenge, I often get asked what is my connection to TD1? It’s my life. It’s a challenge me and so many others face, this is the reason why I participate in the Sun life Walk to cure diabetes for JDRF. The Walk is not just about fundraising, its about supporting families, kids and especially young people. Its about all of us working together as this incredible team. Working together for everyone living with T1D.

A cure would honestly mean everything to me! I wait for the day I can smile to myself and say we did it. But for know, I will always hang on to hope.
To everyone who is participating in the Walk, remember to have fun and I hope you enjoy it just as much as I do.” 

Meet Mason Image

Meet Mason

“The JDRF Sun Life Walk for a Cure is important to me because even though no one really sees it, having diabetes is a lot of work. It’s so annoying when I have to stop playing with my friends or pause in the middle of a video game in order to care for my blood sugar.”

Meet Stephane Image

Meet Stephane

“A world without T1D would mean freedom and alleviation of so much hassle and discomfort for our son and the millions of people who have to face this incurable and chronic disease. We fundraise because it gives us a way to fight this disease and through the collective efforts of every participant of the walk, we create great momentum for research towards finding a cure. Fundraising is our best chance of getting rid of T1D forever!”

Meet Raina Image

Meet Raina

“The JDRF walk is important to me because it reminds me that there is a whole community of people that understand the struggles of T1D, and that there are lots of people that want to raise money so that one day a cure can be found.”