Sun Life Walk to Cure Diabetes for JDRF


Please check with your local JDRF office as certain Walk sites may have some restrictions.


Yes. JDRF offers various volunteer opportunities pre and post event. To view our Walk Volunteer Opportunities, click here or contact your local JDRF office for more information. We are grateful to the many volunteers who help make our Walks a success every year.


Please bring your pledge form(s) and donations with you on event day. Ensure all information is complete, clear and legible. All forms and funds must be submitted to the Registration Area on Walk day. 


You have several options; you can:


To determine the closest JDRF office in your area, please click here.

Team Participation

A: No, you do not have to register your entire team; however, we encourage all members of your team to register online. If you choose to register team members, they will receive an email guiding them through the login process to take control of their account. Should you need help with registering team members, please contact us at 1.877.505.5373 and we will be happy to help.
A: Once the Team Captain has registered, there are two options:
1. When the Team Captain is logged into JDRF's website, they:
  • click on  “Email” on the navigation bar at the top
  • click “Join My Team” and message type “Join My Team"
  • enter the email addresses of team members; and an email will automatically be generated inviting them to register. Team members can click on the link provided within the email and follow the steps to register.
2. While in jdrfwalk.ca, team members can:
  • use the search box to find your team
  • click on the team name
  • click on "Join Team" and follow the prompts to register with that team
A: If your team is registered with your company, it is considered an Organizational Team. Family Teams are formed by families living with diabetes and consist of family and friends who walk in support of that family.


A: A PDF version of the pledge form is available to download and print. It can be found by logging into your account. 
A: Log in and click on “Email” in the navigation bar at the top.
  • Click the “Sponsor Me"  message
  • Registered participants are able to send custom emails inviting people to pledge them from this area. The emails will contain a link to the participant's personal fundraising page.
  • A follow-up message template, a thank you template, and a blank template are all available in the “Email” section once you are logged in.
A: Log in and click on “Donation History” in the navigation bar at the top.
  • You will see a summary of the amount raised, your goal and the number of donations received.
  • You can also change your goal by clicking “Update Goal” in this section.

Tax Receipts


Offline tax receipts will be issued within six to 10 weeks after the event for donations of $20 or more. In order to receive a tax receipt, the donor's name and address must be completed and legible. Tax receipts for credit card donations will be issued in the name of the cardholder. Corporate or company donations must include a contact name to direct the tax receipt to.

Online tax receipts will be issued immediately for all amounts to the email address provided during the online donation process.

A: Electronic tax receipts are sent in PDF format. If you currently do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, you will not be able to open the attachment. You can download a free copy of Adobe Reader by clicking here: install Adobe Reader. If you are still unable to open a tax receipt, please contact walk@jdrf.ca.

Fundraising Rewards

A: Fundraising rewards will be received on event day. While we make efforts to ensure that these items are received on event day, there may be situations where these items may have to be delivered post-event. All e-gift cards will be issued six to 10 weeks post-event. Participants that qualify for an e-gift card will receive a confirmation email prior to the e-gift cards being issued.
A: While we encourage each participant to fundraise a minimum suggested amount of $125, we recognize that some teams will choose to fundraise as a team. Please note that fundraising rewards are awarded based on pledged revenue raised by individual participants only (not team fundraising or corporate matched revenues).
A:  Participants who submit $250 or more are eligible to receive fundraising rewards as outlined on the pledge form or on our Walk website. There is one prize per participant and all funds must be submitted on Walk day or within three weeks of your Walk event day. Participants are encouraged to bring all monies on Walk day to reduce shipping costs.
A: Fundraising rewards are awarded based on individual fundraising. For example, if a participant raises $250 and they are part of a team that raises an additional $500 in team fundraising activities such as bake sales, dress down days, etc., the participant is only entitled to receive fundraising rewards for the $250 raised as an individual.
A: JDRF pays for all fundraising rewards. To help JDRF direct more funds to research, participants can donate their prize back to JDRF. JDRF negotiates discounts on purchased prizes nationally.
A: We encourage participants to submit their pledges to the best of their ability on Walk day. Funds can be submitted up to three weeks after your Walk event day to qualify for fundraising rewards. Should this situation arise please contact your local JDRF office.
A:  Yes. Participants that qualify for an e-gift card will have the option to donate their e-gift card back to JDRF and direct more funds for research. To donate your e-gift card back, please send an email to fundraisingrewards@jdrf.ca.  You will be emailed your tax receipt within six to 10 weeks post-event day. Thank you for your donation!
A: Thank you for your outstanding fundraising. Individuals are awarded a maximum of $500 in e-gift cards.
A: Absolutely. You are welcome to share your fundraising rewards with your team if you wish.